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Founded in 1991, and serving people living with HIV since 1993, Hope House has assisted over 86 persons living with HIV from all walks of life.


If it wasn’t for Hope House, I am not sure how healthy I would be today – or if I would be alive. Living at Hope House helps me have a good outlook on life. It has opened my eyes to many new ideas and subjects because I meet new people all the time. At Hope House, I can live independently, create and achieve my personal goals and strive for what I want in my life with the assistance of staff who help me stay on track.


Before coming to Hope House, I was in a locked treatment facility. I didn’t have control over my life. I couldn’t go outside much except in an enclosed area. When I was released, many places would not accept me because of my HIV, my anger and psychological issues, plus my drug use history. Hope House gave me a chance! Since arriving at Hope House, I am more involved in my community through volunteering my time. Because of the support I have received at Hope House, I turned my dream to have a part-time job into a reality! The staff at Hope House recognized my goals and helped me reach them. I want to thank everyone who supports Hope House.


I arrived at Hope House almost 4 years ago in a wheel chair, unable to walk or care for myself due to an accident that damaged my hip and chronic Hepatitis C, plus I was extremely overweight. Since arriving at Hope House, I have experienced one miracle after another. Today, due to bariatric surgery to take the weight off of my hip so they can determine if a corrective surgery was possible, I have lost over 80 lbs., no longer live in wheel chair, I now walk with the help of a cane and walker plus I was cured of my Hepatitis C.  I still struggle to walk but I am more mobile than I could of ever hope for and I pretty much have a smile on my face every single day. If I had not come to Hope House and trusted the guidance of the staff, I am not sure I would be in the great shape I am today. I am not sure what 2018 has in store for me, but I plan to throw away my walker and graduate to my cane and I hope by Christmas to be walking unassisted! Then watch out, I might even attempt to go back to work! Thank you, Hope House, for all of your love and support!

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