Current position and start date:

I am a Care Partner and I started at Hope House on May 6, 2017.

Tell us about your background (education/last job and position).
I’m a Medical Assistance graduate and I worked as a Medical Assistance for 8+years at my last job.

What inspired you to apply to work at Hope House?

I found the ad online and knowing that I can bring my loving and caring experience to Hope House cause my passion is helping others.

In what ways do you foresee your role making significant contributions to Hope House?

Being a team player is a big thing – working together and getting the job done and enjoying what you do.

What is interesting about you that you would like others to know? (Do you have animals/children/married/spouses’ name/ hobbies/ educational aspirations/ favorite food)?
I am a mother of 4 and grandmother of 8 and I’m currently engaged to Gregory Givens. I have no pets. My favorite food is fried chicken cause I’m just a southern girl! My hobbies are reading, watching tv and playing some basketball when I have the time, and my main hobby is spending time with family!


Hope House of St. Croix Valley