Current position and start date:

I started at Hope House on January 16th, 2001 as a Care Partner. I became a Lead Care Partner then Care Director, my current title,  in 2008.

Tell us about your background (education/last job and position).

I owned an Electrolysis Company.

What inspired you to apply to work at Hope House?

I had a family member passed away from AIDS.

In what ways do you foresee your new role making significant contributions to Hope House?

To continue to support Hope House’s mission: To help provide a non-judgmental home with compassionate cate the respects the dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS. I am excited about the expansion of Hope House out into the community to provide care for people aging in their homes with HIV/AIDS.

What is interesting about you that you would like others to know? (Do you have animals/children/married/spouses’ name/ hobbies/ educational aspirations/ favorite food)?

I am a lifelong resident of Stillwater. I have been with my partner Steve for thirty years, and together we have four children and two grandchildren, many grand puppies/kitties/chickens. I enjoy feeding squirrels, fishing, ice fishing, camping, traveling, and BINGO!

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