Current position and start date:

I’m Hope House’s Marketing and Communications Consultant, and I started at the beginning of March 2019.

Tell us about your background (education/last job and position).

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and Film from the University of Iowa and a Certificate in Epidemiology in Public Health Practice from Johns Hopkins. I am currently the Digital Marketing Coordinator at the Network for Public Health Law’s National Office, as well as a Board Member at the Minnesota Association for Environmental Education.

What inspired you to apply to work at Hope House?

I was inspired to work at Hope House because of your commitment to providing important and compassionate care for an under-served population. HIV is starting to age out of our population, leaving older groups – who are often susceptible to a variety of other health issues – in the fray when dealing with this disease. Working with such a great organization has been incredibly fulfilling thus far and I can’t wait to see what Hope House has in store next.

In what ways do you foresee your new role making significant contributions to Hope House?

I believe that my skills in web management, design, and communications strategy will enhance the Hope House’s narrative while increasing the accessibility of our content and the amount of constituents that we reach.

What is interesting about you that you would like others to know? (Do you have animals/children/married/spouses’ name/ hobbies/ educational aspirations/ favorite food)?

In regards to educational aspirations, I plan on applying for my Master’s in Public Health within the next year, and aspire to learn much more about health equity and what steps communities can take to reduce local health disparities. I also have an interest in environmental health and education.

In terms of hobbies: I’ve been dancing for roughly 10 years, with my primary style being breaking (breakdancing). I regularly organize and participate in dance competitions around the Midwest.

Finally, I am fascinated with contemporary art. My favorite artists are Barbara Kruger and Yayoi Kusama, and my favorite installation is the Poetic Cosmos of the Breath by Tomas Saraceno.

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