2019 Annual Recap

The holiday season has long been known as a time of miracles. Miracles are to be celebrated, and at Hope House we have been fortunate to have our share in 2019.

Let us tell you about CJ! CJ moved into Hope House in early 2018. For many of our clients we are the last step in their journey before a nursing home placement. This was true for CJ. CJ came to us with complicated health issues. CJ took a chance on us, and we are so thrilled he did! Now almost 2 years have passed, and CJ is not only thriving but is celebrating life.

You see, CJ, a proud and energic man, is not only HIV positive, but a paraplegic, a traumatic brain injury survivor, and a brittle diabetic. Over the past few months CJ declared to all of us that he wanted to walk again; not only walk, but dance again! After his declaration, we were able to enroll him into physical therapy and in the past 3 months he has been working closely with his physical therapist at Courage Kenny to gain strength is his legs and confidence in himself. CJ can now transfer himself from his wheel chair to his bed and just a few weeks ago he TOOK his first THREE STEPS! That was an exciting day at Hope House! CJ does not remember the last time he walked. His progress is truly a miracle and a testament to his human spirit. We are proud to say that CJ’s story is not an isolated occurrence at Hope House. CJ’s story, like many others, makes us incredibly proud, and it is a perfect example of why your annual support is so important to our work.

If CJ’s story was not enough, Hope House proudly introduced our new Strategic Plan in January of 2019 outlining a future with a focus on providing aging in place services throughout Minnesota. Let’s be clear, our plan is not the miracle, but what is, is people aging with HIV. Once a death sentence, now over 50% of the more then 8500 people living with HIV/AIDS in Minnesota are aging, and with that comes the need for additional services to help them age in place with dignity. A new program offering aging in place services will be introduced in early 2020, we will keep you posted on our progress.

As we look back at our miraculous year, we ask that you give us a hand as we continue our mission to provide a non-judgmental home with compassionate care that respects the dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS. Any amount will do – $50, $100, $300, $500 or more. Your generous donation goes directly to making miracles happen! Now that pretty awesome to know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of our residents, just like CJ.

Thank you again for your generous support of Hope House, we certainly could not do our work without your generous support.

From all of us at Hope House of St. Croix Valley, we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and prosperous New Year!


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